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Established in 2006

Established in 2006 in the offices of The Tecumseh Herald - Homefront began as an exclusive real estate book and quickly morphed into a community lifestyle magazine. Originally mailed exclusively to every home and business in Tecumseh, we now reach far outside the Tecumseh area. The full-color glossy format has become a "must read" and therefore a "must advertise in..." publication.

What We Do

Located 30 miles Southwest of Ann Arbor, we explore and bring to light the rich offerings this corner of Southeast Michigan has to offer. From farm to table recipes, antique offerings, loft renovations, personal stories and exciting events, our seasonal magazine focuses on the charm of small town living.

Spreading the Word

Known for taking immense pride in our work, we feel we succeed when our advertisers do. Our 5 time MPA (Michigan Press Association) Award Winning graphic artists create many successful ad campaigns for local small businesses wishing not to remain small. Our design fee is free and is incorporated in our ad space rates. Businesses using their own agencies are also welcome to spread the word to our avid readers.

Some of our Featured Stories

We like to keep you up-to-date with what's going on right in your own backyard.
Here are some stories from our latest issue of Homefront.

Art Centers

Art Centers

Jackie Koch    Winter 2016-17 Homefront

With art centers galore in Lenawee County, there are countless classes for the artist and would-be artist to learn new techniques. Those looking for a creative outlet can find variety in instruction close to home, to brighten the long winter days.

At Community Arts of Tecumseh (CAT), 804 N. Evans St. in Tecumseh, wood-crafting enthusiasts can learn to make Shaker oval boxes with instructor Luke Barnett, an Adrian native, woodworker and artist who specializes in traditional American Windsor chairs. Barnett is the director of the Adrian Community Woodshop and has won top awards for his woodworking skills. He will teach a parent and child team (ages 14 and up) the various techniques of bending wood. Participants will. Read more

Barn Again

Barn Again

Jackie Koch    Winter 2016-17 Homefront

Down a short, tree-lined lane in the Irish Hills area, an unobtrusive ranch-style home blends in with its surroundings, wood siding and brick echoing the hues of the wooded drive. The house has obviously seen some improvements, but once the door is opened, the interior reveals a marriage of new paint and old barn wood, of lake and farm.

The owners bought the house on a secluded drive, a place on a lake close to home, where they could enjoy the water but still be near their year-round residence. When the time came to remodel the house, they looked at some ideas using barn wood. That's where Aaron Andrews came in.

Tipton resident Andrews and his wife Dawn, a nurse at the University of Michigan Read more


Remember the Raisin

Sara Hilton    Winter 2016-17 Homefront

Foreign troops have boots on the ground in Washington, D.C. The Capitol Building is set ablaze. As the enemy closes in, the First Lady saves a portrait of George Washington as she flees the soon to be burning White House. Washington D.C. is under attack. On the Northern Front, U.S. troops regroup after the invasion of Canada. Yes, that's right, the U.S. invaded Canada. This is the War of 1812.

The Forgotten War
Tucked in between the Revolutionary and Civil wars, The War of 1812 is the unseen middle child of U.S. History. Yet, this often glanced-over war not only solidified the United States as a world power, but it is both the story of overwhelming victory and remarkable Read more

Sing Out

Sing Out

April Pronk    Winter 2016-17 Homefront

For almost 50 years, the Lenawee Community Chorus (LCC) has been putting songs in the air. This group of volunteer singers from all ages and all walks of life has regularly met on Wednesday nights to rehearse from fall to spring. LCC annually performs two concerts, one in December and the other in April or May. Presently LCC is rehearsing for its upcoming Christmas concert on Sunday, Dec. 18.

LCC was founded in 1967 by the Adrian Parks and Recreation department as a nonprofit organization. The goal Read more

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