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Established in 2006

Established in 2006 in the offices of The Tecumseh Herald - Homefront began as an exclusive real estate book and quickly morphed into a community lifestyle magazine. Originally mailed exclusively to every home and business in Tecumseh, we now reach far outside the Tecumseh area. The full-color glossy format has become a "must read" and therefore a "must advertise in..." publication.

What We Do

Located 30 miles Southwest of Ann Arbor, we explore and bring to light the rich offerings this corner of Southeast Michigan has to offer. From farm to table recipes, antique offerings, loft renovations, personal stories and exciting events, our seasonal magazine focuses on the charm of small town living.

Spreading the Word

Known for taking immense pride in our work, we feel we succeed when our advertisers do. Our 5 time MPA (Michigan Press Association) Award Winning graphic artists create many successful ad campaigns for local small businesses wishing not to remain small. Our design fee is free and is incorporated in our ad space rates. Businesses using their own agencies are also welcome to spread the word to our avid readers.

Some of our Featured Stories

We like to keep you up-to-date with what's going on right in your own backyard.
Here are some stories from our latest issue of Homefront.

A Creative Life

A Creative Life

Kerry Hamilton Smith     Spring 2017 Homefront

When Richard Marks was a youngster, he was recognized as a budding artist by a worker at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). It was a good call. Today, Marks' work can be found in hundreds of churches and buildings throughout the country, including many in Lenawee County. He is a well-known stained glass artist, but throughout the years he has created other pieces using various mediums.

Marks, 83, remembers drawing a football player while sprawled out on the kitchen floor when he was just six years old. A woman from the DIA stopped by and noticed the drawing. "My parents and grandparents didn't think anything of it because I was Read more

Scooching Along for Love

Scooching Along for Love

Megan Linski    Spring 2017 Homefront

Some dogs are lucky enough to be given a second chance. Lenawee County resident Jackie Wackerle is a nurse by day, but when she goes home, her caretaker duties are far from over. Wackerle is the mom of a little dog named Scooch, a Chihuahua short coat mix who was born disabled, but is getting along with the help of a special set of wheels made just for him.

Scooch was rescued by the Lenawee Humane Society in July of 2015. Scooch was born in a hoarder house, one of 15 dogs. The owners were interbreeding the animals. As a result, Scooch was one of three puppies born without front legs. When the LHS came to rescue the dogs, they found Scooch covered in Read more

Look Up

Look Up

Sara Hilton    Spring 2017 Homefront

I once heard an old Jewish story about two men who missed out on seeing a great miracle because they were too focused on looking down and complaining about the mud on their sandals. Years later I still remember the line that wrapped up the entire story, "For those two men the miracle never happened because they never once looked up. "It's amazing what looking up will do. A few months ago a friend gave me a bird feeder. I hung it outside of my kitchen window, figuring it might entertain me while I did the dishes. It did more than entertain. That little feeder made me look up and opened my world to a miraculously colorful and diverse world of birds that had actually been there all along. I had just never taken the time to see them. The Juncos were my winter buddies. I had respect Read more

Cambridge Cheese Company

Cambridge Cheese Company

Jackie Koch    Spring 2017 Homefront

Courtney and Justin Chamberlain don't just love cheese, they make hundreds of pounds of cheese curds each week. Their Cambridge Cheese Company sold its first batch of cheese in December and now supplies the product to 11 retail stores, as well as having the cheese featured on the menu of three area restaurants.

The Onsted High School graduates returned to their hometown with their four children after several years away. While Justin worked for the U.S. Border Patrol, they spent three years in New Mexico and six years living in New York State near the Canadian border. "You can't find a place that doesn't Read more

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